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Themes of the conferences

At a time when the use of underground space has become crucial for the sustainable development of our cities, and when new technologies are resulting in far-reaching changes to all professions, our Congress wishes to be an opportunity for decision-makers, infrastructure managers, designers, builders and suppliers to share their experiences and projects involving underground space.

They are invited to offer their contributions on the following themes:

A. The contribution of underground space in the city of the future

  • How have projects which include underground space become key assets of urban development?
  • What new ideas, what innovations will enable them to go even further?
  • What elements directly oriented towards sustainable development, adaptation to climate change, and more generally resiliency have been implemented and with what results?

B. Changes in the design of underground spaces and structures

  • What new methods have arisen from the development of new digital technologies?
  • How have new methods of modelling, risk management and project management changed and improved practices and dialogue between the actors of the project?
  • How have these developments been able to influence projects from the preliminary steps through to construction and, beyond that, the operation of the structures?

C. Innovation in building underground structures

  • What innovative techniques have been used for them? What issues did they address? What have been the results? What prospects do they offer?
  • What lessons have been learned as regards controlling risks?
  • What role has the integration of new digital technologies played in steering construction work?
  • How has the contribution of augmented reality, the processing of data streams, artificial intelligence and robotisation been put to good use, and what are the prospects for the future?

D. The operation and maintenance of underground works serving sustainable development

  • How are the subjects of the operation and maintenance of the underground structures integrated into projects?
  • What gains in terms of sustainability of the structures and response to the concerns of operators have been obtained thanks to innovative, digital or other techniques? What prospects do these innovative developments open up?

Our Congress aims to provide a forum for all the actors of underground space and, as such, is ready to study any offer of contributions, including those not strictly related to the proposed topics.

Scientific commission

President : PRE Michel
Vice-president : HUMBERT Emmanuel

France : BARROCA Bruno, CHIROTTI Elena, HINGRANT Pierre, KAZMIERCZAK Jean-Bernard, LABBE Monique, LAIGLE François, LECA Eric, MERCUSOT Alain, PELLET Frédéric, PIRAUD Jean, TOURNEY Hubert
Germany : LEUCKER Roland
Austria : GALLER Robert
Belgium : DELATHAUWER Willy, THIMUS Jean-François
Brasil : CELESTINO Tarcisio
South Korea : YOO Chungsik
United-States : NASRI Verya
Italy : BRINO Lorenzo, PIGORINI Andrea
Portugal : BILLE SERRA João
Switzerland : MICHEL Pierre, SEINGRE Gérard